New technologies have given us the opportunity to study, work, chat, etc.. distance. In our case we have opened a wide field of possibilities, because now your coach is in contact with every day (Skype) and can analyze every second of your workout (Polar Software as Pro-trainer), being more than 1000km away .

This has meant that costs have been reduced and now any mid-level athlete can be trained by a professional personal trainer performance.

In S. XXI have advanced so much new technology we have managed to bring what was once a few esclusivo sign of professionalism and a high cost (high performance), the entire population. And this is our philosophy.

Individual sports


  • 01 Cycling
  • 02 Track & Field
  • 03 Bodybuilding
  • 04 Motor sport
  • 05 Others




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Alvaro Molinos Domene
Physical Trainer

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Mob: +49 157-84413939
Skype: molinosdomene